3 Areas Where You Could Do Less in Your Business and Still Keep Clients Happy

You’ve heard of ‘inflation’ but have you heard of ‘shrinkflation’?

Shrinkflation is happening everywhere! And then it hit in a personal way for me! It wasn’t pleasant, but maybe there was a lesson to be learned here? And further, how could shrinkflation be affecting our small business community and the products and services that we provide?

There are a lot of things we provide our clients – before, during, and after a sale. But do some of these things even matter? I’m sharing three areas where doing a little less could still keep your clients happy. So take a look at your business and see if there are places where you are overdelivering and your customers don’t see it or appreciate it.

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  • BREAKING NEWS! – I’ve started a new daily morning show, Small Business Mornings, and I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. The media would have you think that the majority of small business owners are bringing in millions, but the small business owners I know are a lot like me, who are hustling to figure it all out, oftentimes all on their own. Being able to meet here weekly is great, but having a daily show will help us all continue to make the choice to show up each day for our businesses.
  • Productivity / Time Management / Priorities – How can we set goals, work on them as hard as we can, and then still feel like we aren’t moving the needle? If this sounds like you, then tune in as Julie Miller Davis, founder and CEO of JMD Productivity, talks to us about how to better accomplish our BIG business goals. She’s breaking down common productivity myths and helping us be more intentional with the business part of our day.
  • Decision Making / Intuition – Did you know that instinct and intuition are NOT the same thing!? Caroline Geraci, the Possibility Provocateur at Intentional Abundance Coaching is sharing tips to help creatives get unstuck when it comes to making decisions.
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