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The Idea Coach

Pat Miller

Small Business Consulting that is Creative, Positive & Fun

Pat Miller

Pat is the guy you want on your side when you don't know what to do, are overwhelmed or simply stumped.

Pat served as an on-air broadcaster and leader for 22 years. Local radio is all about connecting with listeners and inspiring them to take action. It could be through a laugh, encouraging a sale, or simply being their companion throughout the day. The business side of radio relies on working with small businesses in the area. Pat’s specialty in the business was solving marketing and attention problems for local small businesses. 

Pat bring his battle-tested experience to serve small businesses as the Idea Coach. He consults in the Idea Collective® to help members find clarity and confidence in their day-to-day operations.

Pat Miller, Speaker

Pat Miller will be the easiest interview you do this year with his 20+ years of professional radio experience and well-defined niche. Reach out to Pat if you’re hosting a podcast to arrange an interview or creative discussion that drives downloads and subscribers.

Pat Miller

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Idea Slam

Fortunately for our members, Pat hosts two group consulting calls each week called “Idea Slams.” In the meeting, he coaches the members to find head-turning ideas and anxiety-busting solutions for our members. Pat’s duties at the Idea Collective® also include hosting shows, one-on-one laser coaching and creating confidence building events to celebrate wins and showcase results.

Pat is the heart of the Small Business Owners Community and an instant asset for your small business.

The Idea Coach


My one on one with Pat was fantastic! He quickly understood my challenges sharing what my business brings to the community. He easily put into words the emotions I need to convey to parents about what I provide through my business. I am so grateful for his knowledge and experience as it saved me loads of time! I am excited to put it into action!

If you are having a challenge or struggle with a process in your business, I highly recommend reaching out to Pat for a 1:1 sooner than later!

Cassandra Wind

Pediatric Acupuncture & CranioSacral

I had a huge breakthrough about a question that I had been struggling with for a long time about marketing my business. In just 15 mins, Pat helped me see the situation in a way that makes sense and gives me confidence and clarity moving forward. Thank you so much. I really have been stumped on this for a while.

Cyrina Talbott

CEO, ChT, The Mindset Transformation Company

You are by far the best and one and only Idea Coach…I told a group this morning that my “great ideas” come from you. And it’s true!

Ariel Kopac

Founder Harness Your Hindrance

the idea collective

How it All Started

It’s March 2020. The NBA canceled its season and Tom Hanks announced he had COVID. The world erupted in chaos. Schools and businesses shut down and small businesses panicked. Pat Miller messaged his network the next day and invited them to attend a live, unscripted meeting he called “Small Business Rally Point.” The message was simple:

We don't know what will happen, but we'll stay positive, stick together and we are going to make it!

As the meeting evolved into a talk show, local leaders, hospital CEOs, and bankers discussed opportunities and challenges in the market. As a result of hosting the show for 90 days, the idea for an online community was born.

As of June 1, 2020 the Idea Collective® Small Business Community was launched with the same mission as the original show: learning, sharing, positivity, and supporting our members. We started with #Founding50 and have since expanded to include members from eleven states and six countries.