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Small Business Solutions

Small business struggles are real! The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Chances are we have solved a problem you’re experiencing before. Have you ever said any of the sentences below?

I feel alone and don’t have anyone to turn to...
  • Small Business Rally Point – our twice monthly community town hall to learn and connect with the community
  • Buzz Networking – Weekly networking event to kickstart Tuesday morning and fire up for a great day
  • Co-Working – Spend two hours on Wednesday with other Work From Home coworkers to get stuff done
I know how to run my business, but I could use some creative inspiration...
  • Idea Slam – For two hours each week, you can join our exclusive group brainstorming for feedback on your business and the creative vibes to teach you to think bigger
  • Laser Coaching – Get free one-on-one help from Pat Miller to solve a big problem or reframe a challenge to open up ways to fix it!
  • Pat Miller Show – Call in to Pat’s podcast to share a challenge or ask a nagging question. In fewer than 10 minutes, you’ll walk away with a creative solution to get moving again
Help! Nobody taught me “how to business” and the other options to learn are so expensive!
  • Night School – Each month, we offer a “night school” class on a specific small business topic ranging from marketing to sales, personal productivity to planning, business operations and more!
  • Small Business Basic Training – Join our monthly call to learn how to run your business better. Topics have included prioritization, decision making and more.
  • Show Me the Money – Bring your money questions and learn from the experts. This monthly show will teach you how money flows through the business and how you can keep more of it
The business is fine, but I’m just burned out...
  • Get Involved – In the Idea Collective, you don’t have to perfect, you just have to be present. We have a fitness group, pet club, book club and 24×7 message board available to surround you with others you understand your journey.
  • Masterminds – Join a monthly Mastermind group to build deep relationships with other Small Business Owners. It’s like finding your own personal board of directors!
  • Friday Finish Line – Celebration is a missing link for so many solopreneurs. Each week we carve out time to reflect on the week and call out our big wins. It’s loud, fun and an audience that is waiting to celebrate you!

the idea collective®


When I heard about the Idea Collective®, I wondered if it was a place where a nonprofit such as ours would benefit. It did not take long to recognize this is exactly where we needed to be. The business professionals in this group are so kind and generous with their time, expertise and suggestions. Many Idea Slams have clarified for us everything from how to increase the value of an offering or service to promotional and branding ideas to event management and appropriate pricing. Their encouragement has fueled our creativity and the programming and education are spectacular!

Our participation in the IC has allowed us to live out two of our core values of caring relationships and faithful stewardship. It is wonderful to have a trusted community that will both hold you accountable and celebrate your wins!

Mary Irish

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wauwatosa WI

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Small Business Owners Community

Prepare to be inspired so you can dare to dream your small business goals!

Join the Small Business Owners Community, a group that understands what you’re going through and believes in where you are capable of going. It’s your dream, don’t grow it alone®.