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4 Actions to Address Inflation

On this episode, I share four things you can do RIGHT NOW to deal with inflation and economic uncertainty.

4 Actions to Address Inflation

Real help. On this show, we’re giving you everything we can to offer REAL HELP, not some “BS lead magnet, click here to pay for help.” Tune in or call in to PMS and we’ll give you everything we have to help you think bigger.

On this episode, I’ll share two clicks to double your productivity AND we also have two callers this week with questions:

  • How do I know if this new opportunity is right for me?
  • How do I get the attention of my idea clients?

Our collaborator this week is Brad Herda of Vision Forward Business Solutions. He’s a blue collar guy that serves blue collar leaders by asking them great questions and providing accountability. Thanks for co-hosting, Brad!

Our guests this week:

Teri Kerr
Victoria, British Columbia
Founder – Unstuck Duck Coaching
Website –

Johanna Godinez
North Miami Beach, Florida
Founder – B.A.Y. Lifestyle
Website –

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