6 Lessons Learned From Hosting the Idea Collective Small Business Conference

The 2023 Idea Collective Small Business Conference happened a few weeks ago, and though it wasn’t a first-time event, Pat learned a few things. It mostly comes down to connection, community and content.

If you like the idea of bringing like-minded people together as well, you’re going to want to listen.

Also on this episode:

  • Sleep / Health – Your health can have a definite impact on your business. Hally Brooke, founder and CEO of Live Nourished Coaching is back to talk to us about the importance of sleep as a business owner. Sleep is crucial to keeping our brains in top form to make decisions, come up with new ideas, and to concentrate. Taking the time to sleep as a practice can not only better your health, but also have monetary benefits for your business.
  • Value > Price / Sales – When it comes to sales, are you hearing “No” more than you’re hearing “Yes”? The problem might be in your sale process. Michael Rampolla, strategist and coach at Spearity is giving us tips to convince someone to buy from you and not the competition.
  • Vacation Prep / Time Off – If you’re not already planning to take some time off at the end of the year, you’re already behind where you should be. Pat is sharing the 4 things you can do to prep your small business for time off over the holidays.
The Idea Collective

Tired of working on your small business all by yourself? Wish you could have allies and partners willing to answer your questions, pick you up when you’re struggling and celebrate when you’re winning? Check out the international small business community that is working together to beat the odds and achieve their small business goals: The Idea Collective Small Business Community.

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