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Interview-based podcasts need a steady supply of experts who will show up and give, rather than pitch and sell.

Pat Miller will be the easiest interview you do this year with his 20+ years of professional radio experience and well-defined niche. 

No need to prepare a long list of questions or obsess over every detail. Press record and enjoy a natural conversation that gets to the heart of your content. 

Reach out to Pat if you’re hosting a podcast to arrange an interview or creative discussion that drives downloads and subscribers. 

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Benefits of Having Pat on your Show

In addition to a conversation that serves the listener, Pat’s social media team will promote your podcast to help you reach a broader audience. Every podcaster who interviews Pat Miller will receive:

  • TWO social media posts and 30 days free in the community
  • An invitation to appear on Small Business Rally Point as a guest to promote your business
  • Access to the Idea Collective® Small Business Incubator for 90 days for free
  • An exclusive VIP gift

podcast topics

  • Branding, positioning, and sales for small businesses
  • 5 marketing mistakes small businesses make
  • Every small business needs these 9 people to succeed
  • Tips, tricks, and pitfalls of community building
  • How to build sponsorships and partnerships that work
  • "Idea Slam" - live brainstorming session to solve problems and boost sales

Technical Specifications

  • Shure SM7-B Microphone
  • Tuned Rodeocaster mixing board for high quality voice processing
  • DSLR camera, professional lights and set for video podcast
  • Gigabit wired internet for solid connectivity