Debate: Some people HATE it when you call yourself this common title...

It’s debate time. What do you call yourself? Do you call yourself a small business owner? Do you call yourself a founder? Do you call yourself a CEO? Do you call yourself an entrepreneur? Some people HATE one of those titles, they think you’re “full of it” when you use it. Pat shares his observations of this common debate in online forums. It might change what you think!

Also on this episode:

  • Profit First / Money Management / Small Business Financing – Paying yourself first is one of the strategies Mike Michalowicz teaches business owners in his book, Profit First. We talk with Rocky Lalvani, a Profit First professional, who explains why the system is important to cover tax payments and to pay yourself.
  • Speaking / Keynotes / Presentations – There’s a piece of you that would like to be leading the conversation through a keynote presentation. Pat interviews Amber Griffiths, the Maker of Legends, who provides the secret to becoming a keynote speaker and a more confident presenter.
  • Networking / Business Strategy / Community – The business landscape is changing once again. Pat reviews the benefits of doing business virtually and in-person.
The Idea Collective

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