How do I launch a new product?

The Pat Miller Show is BACK from our hiatus to collaborate with three great callers and get after questions that might be facing you:

  • How do I afford to launch a new product? 
  • How do I select a focus for my business?
  • How can I drive down my clients’ legal fees?

With all of the questions about email in this week’s episode, Pat called out some PRIMO #smallbusiness BS.

Our collaborator this week is Ariel Kopac of Harness Your Hindrance Business Mindset Coaching. She came in clutch with our callers to build their businesses!

Our guests this week:

Eric Clark 
Co-Founder Okayest Hunter
Website –

Roger Wolkoff 
Founder – All About Authenticity  
Website –

Elisa Ruer
Partner – Praktess Law
Website – Praktess Law