The Idea Collective Small Business Community

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A place for Solopreneurs and Scaling Small Business Owners to build the business of their dreams

Why would a solopreneur need a group?

  • Energy - When you're building your business you need others to cheer you on, hear you out and help you keep going.
  • Positivity - YOU are awesome and have a clear vision of what you'd like to build. This group can help you keep thinking big and not lose momentum.
  • Business Consulting You Can Afford - Pat Miller, the Idea Coach, runs the Idea Collective. Together, you and he will solve problems, learn new strategies, and stay on track through Idea Slams and one-on-one meetings.
  • Safety - This is a private place to ask questions or be vulnerable. Our community is here to support and help you grow.
  • Fun - Running your business can be lonely and hard. It doesn't have to be! Join us and put the joy back into building your dreams.
Small Business Retreat

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What is the Idea Collective?

How does the Idea Collective Small Business Community help you?

Collective Intelligence

  • Expert Support - Business Consulting services provided by Pat Miller and the Idea Collective expert business consultants will help you tackle sales, financial and mindset challenges to remove roadblocks and move faster.
  • Interactive Webinars - From small business owners who have figured out what you need to figure out. Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and more.
  • "There has to be a better way" - Post on our 24x7 message board and get real answers from our members on what has worked and what hasn't.
  • On Demand Support - Years of business content has been sorted and posted for quick search to find what you need. Interviews and workshops from Mel Robbins, Mike Michalowicz, Jesse Cole and here when you want to learn.
  • Real Referrals and Guidance - We believe in "Who not How" and our members can connect you with service providers who get real results to make sure you hire the right people for your business.

Collective Inspiration

  • Group Brainstorms & Workshops - Sometimes you're too close to the business to see a creative solution. Twice per week, every week, we allow you to step back and get support in our "Idea Slam" meetings. You bring the creative sticking point and we'll help you through it.
  • One-on-One Creative Support - Get free laser coaching with Pat Miller the Idea Coach to get answers you need to help your clients or your business. Pat is a master at reframing an issue and connecting the disconnected.
  • You Can Do This! - Go from "I don't know what to do," to "I think I can do it," to "I DID IT" along with us. Our community is positive, encouraging and built on an abundance mindset. In the Idea Collective we are all cheering for you and ready to help you go as far as you can - often, further than YOU think you can go. Motivation, Encouragement and Support like you've never felt.

Collective Transformation

  • It's More Than Business - If you wanted to make money, you'd go get a job. This Small Business Journey is about impact, legacy, creative freedom and proving to yourself that you got this. We understand better than your spouse, your clients or those in your networking groups.
  • How Far Can You Go? - Do you dare to dream? The dream so big you only whisper it to yourself? Now you're talking...we are here for THAT and we are here to help you make it real.

Need Proof?

Here are some member testimonials

"The Idea Collective has been a priceless opportunity to learn and collaborate with like minded business owners. Supporting each other while creating opportunity try new things and keep each other accountable."

Brad Herda

"I am so excited to be a founding member of the Idea Collective. It is collaboration at its finest. I have been able to share ideas and resources and benefit from those of others. It has already saved me time and money and is well worth the investment."

Jennifer Buchholz

The Idea Collective Small Business Incubator

What is the vision for the Ideal Collective?

What are you trying to build? Hear about it from our Founder, Pat Miller - the Idea Coach

What do I get when I join

The Idea Collective Small Business Community?

  • Instant access to our Small Business Community and Support System with engaged, supportive Solopreneurs and Scaling Small Business owners ready to help you
  • Business Consulting on demand with over 40 hours of expert-led meetings to choose from EVERY MONTH, including events and webinars offering collective intelligence, inspiration and transformation. Topics include:
  • Networking and Connection
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Operations
  • Social Media Management
  • 15 hours of expert-led meetings to choose from every month to help you create fresh promotions and solve tough problems in your business
  • Instant Access to “The Vault” our library of over 150 hours of Small Business education and shows
  • Monthly “Friday Finish Line” celebration call to share wins and capture progress
  • Monthly "Community Major" Meeting for Networking, Training and Engagement
  • Featured welcome post in the Idea Collective Small Business Community
  • Idea Collective Ambassador welcome and partnership to help you get started quickly
  • Start your guest evaluation for free by taking our two-week evaluation challenge to see if the group is a fit for you. It's a risk-free way to try the community and see if you've found a group to help you grow

Start your guest evaluation for FREE by taking our two-week evaluation challenge to see if the group is a fit for you. It's a risk-free way to try the community and see if you've found a group to help you grow.

Founder & Host of the Idea Collective

Pat Miller

I’m Pat Miller, the Idea Coach and your host for the Idea Collective. I’m passionate about creating new ideas and helping others. Ideas are the soul of problem solving and they come to life when you connect the disconnected. To see a solution that others miss is a thrill that keeps me fired up…I’m almost daring the world to serve up the next impossible challenge.

That’s why I left the corporate world of broadcast radio after 20+ years. I wanted to take on the challenge of building my own company to go to battle with my Small Business Clients. I help them better understand their customers and in turn, better understand their businesses. Together, we improve their marketing and make authentic connections with their customers. The work results in product positioning and campaigns that cut through and drive sales.