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Bait and Switch Podcast

Pat Miller the Idea Coach

This week we’re joined by idea coach, Pat Miller. We start off by talking with Pat about the challenges the pandemic has posed to small business owners, along with some of the unexpected benefits that have come out of it. Pat introduces us to the Idea Collective® Community that he’s put together for small business owners and he tells us how he helps individuals and business owners find their “zone of genius” so work no longer feels like work. We wrap thing up with an example of Pat’s coaching services as he walks Jim through an impromptu, mini coaching session.
The Idea Collective Small Business Incubator

Podcast My Brand

How Authenticity Helps You Grow Your Audience with Pat Miller

Stop listening to people telling you what to do and start listening to your intuition and curiosity.

The GoGedders Podcast

A Small Business Growth Crash Course with Pat Miller the Idea Coach

In today’s episode, we tap into Pat’s wisdom to provide some key insights for our entrepreneurial-minded listeners. We’ll cover a lot of ground, like finding your market, how to set your pricing, and how to deal with burnout — especially if you’re a solopreneur.

Beyond The Known Podcast

Focus on Your Passion and Run for Office with Pat Miller

For over 2 decades, Pat Miller‘s favorite part of strategizing and positioning events with radio stations and digital brands like WTMJ and WKTI in Milwaukee has been bringing big ideas to life. Through Idea Coach, Pat helps small businesses find clear and competitive advantages to grow through understanding their audience, authentically connecting with them, and getting the attention needed to drive sales. This episode is sure to create an “Aha!” moment for business owners listening in.

Business Minds Coffee Chat

Pat Miller - Becoming The Idea Coach Episode

Pat Miller, The Idea Coach joins me on this episode. We talk about Pat’s journey from a career in radio to starting his own marketing coaching business, the power of networking and cultivating relationships, helping others find their differentiator, the market of one mindset, overcoming imposter syndrome, creating opportunities for others to collaborate and work together, common market positioning mistakes, the what’s in it for me for your customers, tapping into emotions in marketing, and more. Interview

The Idea Collective's® First Annual Retreat

The Idea Collective® presents its first annual retreat on November 5-7, 2021 at The Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, Wis. This will be the first in-person event for the Idea Collective® Community.

Ready Yet Podcast

Featuring Pat Miller: Having The Courage to Show Up As Yourself

For decades Pat Miller went by a different name in the radio broadcasting world.  And not just did he go by a different name, he felt like he was simply “playing the role” he was supposed to in his career.  After leaving to pursue his true passions, Pat found that not only was it difficult to start going by his real name, he also soon realized the amount of courage it took to show up as your true self.

Social Capital Podcast

Creating Content that Builds Your Network with Pat Miller

Pat’s business, The Idea Coach helps small business owners understand their customers and refine their positioning so they can stand out and sell.

Draw In Customers Podcast

How to Grow Your Business with Marketing with Pat Miller

As business owners we rock at our skills.  Whether that is being a great painter, accountant, massager or seller of crystals, we do what we do very well. But what happens when no one knows that you and your business exist?  Without awareness, you have no business.  At least, not for very long. That is where Pat Miller, the Idea Coach, comes in.  With his marketing experience in all forms of media, along with his Premium Incubator Group, designed to build small businesses, he has helped many businesses gain that awareness. Listen as Pat explains some of the ways he has found success for his clients.

Wisconsin's Morning News

Milwaukee area small business owners "exhausted but optimistic" one year into pandemic"

It’s been one year since many small businesses were forced to close their doors. But now restrictions are slowly being lifted, vaccines are being administered, and people are becoming more comfortable getting back into their normal routines. The Idea Coach Pat Miller tells WTMJ there have been some bright spots during this trying year.