New Year's Eve Special: Wins, Losses, Resolutions and More

Happy New Year! It’s a special day to take a moment and reflect on 2022 and what you’d like to accomplish in 2023. On this episode, Pat walks you through how to celebrate your biggest failures in 2022 – and – we welcome a great mix of guests to get you thinking BIG about where you’re headed in 2023.

On this show:

What’s Working Right Now: Anza Goodbar shares how events could be the missing link for your business next year. She shares how one of her clients made $1 Million dollars at one event. $1 MILLION!

Subject Matter Expert: Hally Brooke helps us frame up our new year’s resolution to get in shape. Did you know it’s scientifically proven to be GOOD for business? Really!

Small Business Celebration: Sometimes all you need to do to earn awards and recognition is to apply for consideration. Did you know it’s not a huge hassle AND you can grow your business when you win? Heather Hernandez shares more.

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