Perfect your elevator pitch and capitalize on Tik Tok

You know the feeling. You’re in a networking session and someone says, “oh, tell me about your business…” You Freeze. Or, You fumble out a description of what you do and they’re not impressed. What if you could give them a tight 30-second story that makes them salivate for more information? That is the power of the perfect elevator Pitch. On this episode, we talk with Lisa Raebel of Rebel Girl Marketing to help you dial it in!

Also on this show:

What’s Working Right Now: Michael Neelsen of Story First Media shares his first-hand account of experimenting with Tik Tok and how it’s actually building his business! Over a million views and real-life revenue? Yes, Please!

Subject Matter Expert: Lisa Raebel from Rebel Girl Marketing about how to Perfect Your Pitch.

Small Business Celebration: Andy “AFW” Weins of Camo Crew shares his big win – he’s out of his non-compete and he’s killing it with his business! In the celebration, we also explore our higher purpose and motivate to come in every day. Do you know YOUR purpose?

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