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Small Business Ownership for Dummies

I'm going to break down the things you need to know, on a level just right for those considering becoming first-time entrepreneurs.

Small Business Ownership for Dummies

Are you getting tired of the corporate rat race and wondering what it takes to become a small business owner? I’m going to break down the things you need to know, on a level just right for those considering becoming first-time entrepreneurs.

Pat starts with trying his best to talk you out of it! Huh? That’s right, from your odds of failing to all of the risks involved in starting a business, it’s rough out there. If you still want to start a small business after you listen to today’s show, you might be just the person for the job!

Also on this episode:

  • Bookkeeping / Finances – Beth Carter, The Badass Bookkeeper and CEO of BBA Bookkeeping, is hear talking about the 7 habits to being your bookkeeper’s best friend. If you don’t have a bookkeeper yet, get one!
  • Holiday Sales / Promotions – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. Do you have a special offer or discount that you’ll be promoting? We talk about how to leverage the busy shopping season the right way.
  • Giving Thanks / Preparing for 2024 – Thanksgiving = food, family and football! Hopefully you also get some time this weekend to reflect on how your business faired this year, and then give thanks for all of it. What’s working right now in your business? What will you do different in 2024 that you didn’t do in 2023?
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Tired of working on your small business all by yourself? Wish you could have allies and partners willing to answer your questions, pick you up when you’re struggling and celebrate when you’re winning? Check out the international small business community that is working together to beat the odds and achieve their small business goals: The Idea Collective Small Business Community.

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Athena Legal Solutions

Small business legal doesn’t have to be complicated. Say hello to peace of mind. Athena Legal Solutions is your personal business lawyer from start up to legacy creation.

Sidekick Accounting

Sidekick Accounting is your trusted companion as you grow your small business that effortlessly handles the finances. Now an official Profit First Provider!

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