The 2 Most Likely Ways to Become an Influencer

Let’s talk influencers! Chances are you follow a few on social media. We all do. Influencers affect our behaviors and our culture. After all, we all love following those things that are considered “popular” and help us determine what’s “in” so we can follow suit.

So have you heard of Milla Sofia? She is a 19 year old influencer from Finland; a model, has thousands of followers, brand deals, and is 100% FAKE! Yep, she is AI-generated.

But there’s a lesson to be learned here. What Milla Sofia teaches us is what it takes to build an audience and what it takes to get big in the world of social media. It seems that the two most desired qualities for becoming successful as an influencer are to be hot or be real!

Also on this episode:

  • Fear / Growth – Kate Carter, with Kate Carter Coaching joins us today to talk about something we often don’t talk about – Fear. Our emotions can feel like a taboo subject when it comes to our work life, but in reality keeping things inside can actually get in the way of business growth.
  • Personal Branding / Relationships – Who are you? What makes you different? Jamar Jones, founder of Foureva Media, speaker, and author of Change Your Circle; Change Your Life talks to us about remaining true to ourselves and unlocking self-awareness, which in turn will help you build relationships and fine-tune your brand.
  • Question of the Day – What is the word that needs to die in the small business space?
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