The Current State of Mortgage Rates

What is going on with mortgages!?! We start the show with an interview with Michael Creed, Producing Branch Manager for Luminate Home Loans. Though mortgage rates have come down slightly, they are still quite high. Michael gives us some insight on where things will most likely settle and how lenders are reacting to current and possible future mortgage rates.

Also on this episode:

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping – As we wrap up 2023 and head into the new year, have you taken a look at your books lately? Chances are they’re probably a bit messy. CeCelia Bos, owner of Bos’ Optimal Solutions helps us keep our bad bookkeeping habits from coming with us into 2024.
  • Target Audience / Idea Slam – In this “on the air” Idea Slam, we’re helping out Claire Skivington, founder of Amor y Asana, a Spanish-language yoga business. Claire’s question centers around narrowing down her target audience and how to reach them. This is a question that can benefit all of us, so have a listen!
  • Time Management / Goal Setting – You’ve set your goals, but what steps need to be taken each week to reach those goals? Jenna Piche, Time Management Coach at First Light Coaching is here to help us figure out better calendar management practices to do just that!
The Idea Collective

Tired of working on your small business all by yourself? Wish you could have allies and partners willing to answer your questions, pick you up when you’re struggling and celebrate when you’re winning? Check out the international small business community that is working together to beat the odds and achieve their small business goals: The Idea Collective Small Business Community.

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Episode Mentions

Athena Legal Solutions

Small business legal doesn’t have to be complicated. Say hello to peace of mind. Athena Legal Solutions is your personal business lawyer from start up to legacy creation.

Sidekick Accounting

Sidekick Accounting is your trusted companion as you grow your small business that effortlessly handles the finances. Now an official Profit First Provider!