The End of an Era in the Small Business Community

Something has happened in the small business community. It feels almost like a changing of seasons. During Covid, many of us became entrepreneurs for the first time. But it wasn’t easy because we were trapped in our homes with our big ideas, and there was nothing to do about those ideas. And we were forced to get clear on the “Why” of what we were attempting to do to keep us motivated.

The Era of Why carried us for a while, but now we are being pushed toward a new era. I feel a shift coming that is moving us all in a different direction. No longer are we being motivated by meaning and purpose, because those don’t pay the bills! It’s now about how am I going to manage the people working for me, how am I going to start making some real money, how do I build better relationships, etc?

What’s your “How” and what are you going to do about it?

CEO Time – who is around you? Everyone should have a mastermind group

Also on this episode:

  • Branding / Business Strategy – What came first, the business or the brand? According to Nydia Mauras-Jones, Founding Partner and Director of Strategy for Odvant Creative, your brand is the basic framework for your small business. Not only that your branding affects every part of your business. Listen up, while Nydia shares why good branding goes well past just having a logo.
  • AI / Content Creation – AI is changing how we all do business. Elzie Flenard, III, The Mayor of Podcast Town is here to share his 4 favorite AI tools and how mastering them will move you lightyears ahead of the competition.
  • CEO Time / Change of Focus – What will you do different in 2024 that you didn’t do in 2023? Pat shares the phrase that gave him some food for thought. Find out what it is and how it could help you change the focus of how you are spending your time in your business.
The Idea Collective

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