The One Where I Learn to Achieve My Goals From the 75 Hard Challenge

Are you a goal setter? I am! I think a lot of us start with good intentions but then don’t follow through with how we’re going to reach our goals.

And then the 75 Hard Challenge entered my life, thanks to my teenage son, and the process behind setting and achieving goals was realized. It wasn’t enough to just set goals, I had to change my behaviors as well. And I had to do it every day. Consistently. No cheating or taking shortcuts.

The great thing about a system is that if you are consistent, it’s only a matter of time before you reach your goal.

Also on this episode:

  • When you get a chance to give your elevator pitch you MUST make it count. Precious L. Williams, the Killer Pitch Master shares how to get attention and create a line of people who can’t wait to talk with you.
  • Business Strategy / Exit Planning / Valuation – We hear plenty about starting a business, but what are your plans for ending your business? In this replay interview, Kiley Peters, founder and business strategist for Rayne IX is sharing those things entrepreneurs need to think about when it comes to exiting their business. In addition to an exit plan, Kiley also educates us on how to build value in our business while still working the business.
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